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Something incredible happens when a group of women come together to craft their own original recipe for a drink that has been part of Oaxacan life for generations.

Doña Vega is founded and produced by Mexican women who set out to make mezcal more accessible and approachable. For two years, through 73 recipes, 22 farms, and too many tastings to count, the Doña Vega team accomplished their goal of creating two exquisite varieties of mezcal.

Hecho en México

Doña Vega is produced in a small town outside Oaxaca – Santiago Matatlán by a family who has passed down the tradition for five generations.

Sonya Vega, Owner & Founder

For Entrepreneur and Founder Sonya Vega, creating a modern take on mezcal began simply as a personal project. Vega’s love of mezcal was sparked by her Mexican friends and family who introduced her to the fascinating world of the agave-based liquor. While Vega was obsessed with the bold taste, she found that many versions were too smoky or intense.

During her free time, the former PR executive was determined to create the perfect mezcal, traveling throughout the Oaxaca region of Mexico to research and finesse her blend which became, Doña Vega Mezcal. Vega’s current and creative blend honors the bold tradition and unique flavors of this centuries old spirit with a modern twist.

As much as I love this agave-based liquor, I found that many versions are a little too rugged, too strong, or too smoky. I wanted to create a modern take on mezcal, with a flavor that is complex and playful, while honoring the authentic core and tradition. Traveling through the mountains of Oaxaca, I visited countless farms, agave fields, distilleries, and ultimately met with many talented producers. After years of research, I teamed up with an amazing female-led production team to create what I believe is the perfect mezcal.”

– Sonya Vega

Our producer is a woman, which stands out from the other mezcaleras.

Her three daughters attended college, which is far from the norm in Oaxaca. One a lawyer, one a nurse, and the youngest finishing school. A break with the past we proudly support.

There is magic in mezcal

Potent and spiritual, Doña Vega Mezcal offers a mysterious and delicious drinking experience that is crafted for those powerful moments of connection, spontaneity and celebration.


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