The Process

The Making of Doña Vega Mezcal

Espadín Agave Plants

Our chosen, handpicked agave is found in an altitude outside of Oaxaca. Wild grown Espadín agave plants typically mature at 3-4 years, we mature between 8-9 years.

Preparing the Pina

Each piña of Espadín — the usable core, stripped of its spiky blades — yields only about ten bottles of mezcal.

Hand-selected agave piñas are then roasted for four days in stone-lined earthen oven pits over a low, steady fire.

Fermenting and Distillation

Ground agave is mixed with mountain spring water and ferments in wooden vats for three days. 

The agave distills in copper stills which yield about 280 liters per distillation at maximum capacity. 

Following production, Doña Vega is stored in oak barrels, which adds richness to the flavor of our mezcal.

The Deep Roots of Mezcal

The method of production employed to create Doña Vega mezcal dates back to the early 1500s.

Though Doña Vega is without question modern at its core, there still exists a profound adherence to the traditions of Mexico.